How To Start an Upcoming Events Blogs

ID-100412404Starting an upcoming events blog is not as complicated as many people think. All you need is a working Internet connection and an Internet enabled device, preferably a computer or a smart phone. When your blog has been established, you can easily write and share about the upcoming events of your interests. If you are interested in starting your own upcoming events blog, but you are not sure on how to get started, please read on this article. It gives you tips which are both practical and easy to follow.

Choose your blogging platform.

There are a variety of blogging platforms to choose from. Some of them include Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress among others. For starters, the best blogging platform to choose is WordPress. Unlike the others, WordPress is easy to use, relatively cheap, comes with a dozen themes and most importantly, it offers extremely extensibility with its extensions and plugins.

Get your blog a name.

Name your blog in respect to the kind of services that you offer. If you are planning on talking about upcoming events such as weddings, let your name make that clear. However, you should stay clear of long and hyphenated words as they do not rank highly in search engines.

Choose the design/theme of your blog.

The theme/design that you pick for your blog depends on the blogging platform that you have chosen. Different blogging platforms have different designs/themes. can help you decide on a theme platform.

Hosting company.

Choosing the hosting company for your events blog is very important. Choose a company that is reliable. If you are in the US or Canada, hosting companies such as GoDaddy ( ) and Hostgator ( are great.

Adding an SEO plugin.

This is the last step after your blog has been successfully established. Such plugins help you rank highly in the major search engines.


Starting an upcoming events blog is all about what you love to share. If you have a passion for décor, write about it. If your passion is in food and beverages, write about such and so on.